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Quality From Start To Finish

As an artist, Paul Buten is inspired by his environment, especially in Deep Cove. His favourite art are familiar landscapes. Whether it’s a seascape, cityscape, jungle, or mountaintop; intimate, aerial, or panoramic, a landscape is a natural, appealing choice for almost everyone.






Paul Buten Offers Commissions

Do you have a particularly favourite view or person in mind?

Rainer and PaulStandard commission terms call for 50% payment upon signing, and 50% upon completion.

All commissions are done under contract, and include the basic terms: 50%-50% payment structure, visual references, reproduction and exhibition rights.

Our timeline covers everything — how long it will take to turn around the contract, a payment schedule,  the deadlines for receiving materials from the collector, when you will have a compositional preview,  how long it will take to create the work, define a clear approval process, discuss shipping options and provide an overall time estimate.

Do you have a particular service that needs to be marketed to a very specific niche? We have several copywriters who have made niche copywriting their specialty.

If you have found an artist or a particular piece you love, but require a different size, subject or colour palette we can arrange to work with Paul Buten to create a custom made work of art just for you.

Whether the art needs are for your residence or place of business, Bel Art Gallery Inc has years of experience as the liaison between clients and artists to create that perfect artwork.